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Personal Grooming by Rubina Ratnakar

Personality Wed, 20 Nov 2019 14:10:37 +0000

Among all the other life skills, personal grooming is an important one. Rubina Ratnakar brings great suggestions to groom you personally in this blog.

Personal grooming refers to the cleanliness and hygiene of an individual. It improves your health and personality as well. If you dress well and have a pleasing personality, people will be more interested in talking to you.

Personal Grooming is an act or a way of keeping yourself clean. Every feature of your body needs to be paid attention too.

Starting with your face, your color or facial features don’t matter. It is all about having a clean appearance including your eyes, nose, and skin. You don’t need to put on makeup to look good. A smile on your face is enough to groom your face.

Your skin should be clean and dry. When in contact with anyone, you should not be sweaty. Body hair and facial hair should be removed if they are too dense. Cleanliness is the key to personal grooming. Moving on to your hair, you should have clean and dry hair. Always do a tidy hair makeover. For the ladies, if leaving your hair open, make sure they do not come on your face all the time and irritate you.

Make sure your hand nails and foot nails are properly cut and clean.

Moving on to the clothing, always wear the right size. Your clothes should fit you well. Oversized clothes or small sizes should both be avoided. Always dress yourself according to the occasion. You should always know when to wear formal clothes, when casual clothes are required and when you have to pull up traditional attire. You should not look out of place on any occasion. If you are having problems while deciding your clothes, you should consider hiring a stylist.

The last element in your personal grooming is the type of footwear you wear. First of all, do not wear shoes that are too tight or the ones that are loose. Always wear an appropriate size. Your shoes should coordinate with your attire and complement your personality. Know more about personal grooming as these are just a few tips.

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