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Time Management by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Sun, 01 Dec 2019 19:05:37 +0000

Time management and giving equal importance to all the tasks is a difficult but essential task. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar talks about ways to manage your time.

Time is the most important element in everyone’s life. Time once past doesn’t come back. We need to value time and make full use of it. Time management is a process by which we organize our tasks and assigns a fixed amount of time to them. If you want to do all the tasks in a decided time frame, you need to manage your time well. We have some great suggestions for managing time.

Make a plan for all the activities beforehand. Try to set a time limit for each activity and make it a habit. Keeping all the things organized will increase efficiency and save time as well. Arrange tasks in the order of their importance and how early the task needs to be done. Do the tasks that are important and urgent first. Do the tasks of lesser importance on the basis of how urgently they are needed to be done. Do not waste time on tasks that are not necessary. This will decrease the productivity also.

Do not keep a lot of tasks lined up one after the other. Take some breaks from the work to charge up yourself. Stay active and cheerful all day. You will not be able to do the tasks on time if you don’t have the energy.

Another mistake most people make while trying to manage their time is multitasking. They try to do all the tasks at the same time while will lead to incompletion of every task. So, avoid multitasking and do the tasks one after the other.

Always maintain a work planner to keep your activities organized. Make monthly and weekly schedules as well. Check out great ways to make a schedule.

Taking a good amount of sleep is necessary to do all the work actively and efficiently. Try to complete things before time as it will save you time and give you breaks as well. All this will keep your schedule up to date.

Do not make last-minute plans and mess up things. Make plans after proper thinking and assessing the tasks to avoid any discrepancies afterward.

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