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What I offer

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Becoming a client

This gives you, the client, a chance to see how I work and whether the relationship between you and me is one which will be beneficial.

One to one

One to One Coaching is the core of our coaching business. Sessions can be tailored to the client’s needs in both time.


Our Wellbeing Programme is based on a different theory to other programmes on the market. We believe that unless your head is in the right place.

Business Coaching

Running your own business can be both highly rewarding and extremely challenging (all on the same day sometimes!).

Whom Is This Coaching For ?

It Can be "anyone" !


who is starting or running a business and needs a confidential guide to help focus on priorities.


wanting to achieve a goal that they have been struggling with on their own.


who is starting or running a business and needs a confidential guide to help focus on priorities.


wishing to work/perform more effectively and successfully.


who knows they want to more from life but not sure how to get it.


who is committed to change but needs someone to show them how!
About Me

What is coaching ?

Top sports people know the benefit of a fantastic coach – the support, guidance, focus and encouragement is key to success. Elite athletes have many coaches, specialists in each area and with particular knowledge. High achievers know the benefit of having the right team around them, giving them professional advice and focussing on them entirely. They know that the money spent is an investment and brings huge returns as they are able to perform at their peak.

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Strategies That Work

We are the industry leader in establishing an innovation-friendly organization, developing new business models and new products.

Satisfied Clients

We continually work on our professional development through various educational sources

Successful Investments

We are fully insured and follow the Coach’s Code of Ethics.

Awards Won

Market-leading experience. The company is on the cut ting edge of new technologies.

Want To Become A Coach ?

Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future.

Michael Davis

Their personalized approach truly caters to my individual needs, pushing me just enough to stretch my limits while providing unwavering support every step of the way.

Michael Davis

Finance manager
David Brown

Working with Rubina Ratnakar has been nothing short of transformative. Their guidance has empowered me to break through barriers I never thought possible.

David Brown

HR Manager

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