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Importance of humor by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Sun, 22 Nov 2020 04:06:53 +0000

In today’s time, almost everyone is stressed due to their problems, and people with no problems at all, are stressed too. Humor is the savior of such times and keeps everybody mentally healthy. Rubina Ratnakar highlights the importance of humor in this blog.

Laughter is the best medicine. This is one of the truest sayings you’ll come across. A person with a good sense of humor is liked by everyone.

People enjoy being around people who enlighten their mood and help them in easing out the stress. So, if you adopt a bit of humor in your personality and nature, people will love to work with you and communicate with you.

When you are having a funny or say a witty conversation with the people around you, you actually connect with them mentally. Both of you get to know each other’s personality in a better way. So this is a great way of building bonds with people around you.

A theory suggests that when people put themselves at ease and indulge in humor in their conversation it is certain that they are going to show their true personality. A person may keep on acting as someone else all day long but when you are having a good laugh over something, you will see the true traits of the individual. So humor is a way to check the authenticity of someone’s personality.

Once everybody knows what kind of individual you are, it is easier for them to trust you. People who have a good sense of humor are perceived to be kind-hearted and understanding. All the people around you would like to talk to you and would find it easy to approach you and start a conversation.

Humor is not just laughing and making others laugh. It is more of wit rather than fun. Intelligence is a vital part of humor and that is what makes it an attractive feature of one’s personality. In your workplace, it will help you maintain good relations with all the people around you. Humor is a great stress buster in difficult times. Check out more ways of releasing stress.

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