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Mental exercises by Rubina Ratnakar

Business Thu, 09 Sep 2021 06:27:16 +0000

Just like our body, our mind needs to exercise as well. This helps your mind in working efficiently and staying up to date. Your memory and focus will improve if you make exercising your mind a habit. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some mental exercises for your brain.

One of the simplest and fun ways to do mental exercise is to solve a jigsaw puzzle. A big puzzle will enhance your cognitive abilities, increase your patience and thinking power, and lead to a better understanding of the problem and then ultimately solving it.

Playing cards is another great way of exercising your brain. Getting to know about all the games that can be played with the deck, memorizing the powers of the cards, using the right trick at the right time, and bluffing will definitely lead to sharpening your mind.

One similar way to increase the capabilities of your mind is to play chess. The moves and the setup of chess and predicting the moves of your opponent are some of the basic actions that will help in sharpening your mindset. A chess player works towards the ultimate victory in the end.

Learning a new skill that is going to be of some use in your life is another form of mental exercise. It exposes your mind to new possibilities and takes a leap from the lethargic routine it has been following for a long time. Learning and practicing a new skill will help you keep the memorizing and working functions of your brain healthy and intact.

Listening to music is a good form of relaxing your mind and exercising your mind as well. When we listen to music our mind tries to interpret the lyrics and the beats as well. It creates a specific setup in our mind that may either charge or fasten the mind or it will calm your mind making it ready to focus on something important.

Some other ways to exercise your brain are meditating, learning a new language, increasing your vocabulary, and learning self-defense activities.

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