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Hi, I’m Rubina

Since having children and getting “slightly” older, I have had an interest in weight management and the struggles it leads to – why do we feel so good when we are “being healthy” but we don’t seem to be able to keep this going? This interest is now leading to working with client’s on this very subject, but instead of learning about what we should eat and how we should move about more, my research has been centred around the mind and how we can use both the conscious and unconscious mind to keep us on the right track and “in the zone”.
As the employee issues became more complicated I wanted to make sure I had all the skills to be able to deal with each person competently. I qualified as a Personal Performance Coach, training with The Coaching Academy. I am also a qualified NLP Practitioner which enables me to help clients and employees with lots of different issues while bringing very effective tools and techniques to each coaching session.

My Experiences

I have worked as HR Manager for a label printing company since 2002, dealing with all kinds of issues and policies. I work closely with the management team on improving morale, setting up appraisal systems, and covering all types of HR administration. I believe that the “humans” are the most important part of any business and if they are happy then they will do their job to the best of their ability, therefore leading to a successful business.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Cost is determined by length of session and number of sessions booked. Email us your interest and we will send you an enquiry pack. You can also book an intake session.

How many sessions does it take to have a result?

This obviously depends on the issues being dealt with – after the intake session you will be given an idea of how many sessions would be suitable.

What is the difference between Counselling and Coaching?

Counselling is similar to coaching in the way that they are both focused around talking with an independent, non-judgemental, confidential, qualified person, but it focusses on dealing with past issues and problems, where as coaching is future focussed – it works on solutions rather than addressing the past. Coaching does involve discussing where a client is now, but all with a future emphasis.

I’m not sure whether Coaching is for me? What would you advise I do?

We offer an intake session – there is no obligation to continue with coaching – in fact coaching is all about learning, so if you do learn something from the starter session and that is “coaching isn’t what is right for me at the moment” then the coaching has had some effect!

Why does anyone need a Coach?

Everyone needs time to focus and re-group – life can be fast and furious, and unless you take the time to decide on what you want out of life or your business, you may find that you spend a lot of time and money on things that either don’t make you happy or cost you a lot with little reward. Coaches encourage achievement and this leads to fulfilment – show me who doesn’t want these things?