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Life coaching focuses on assisting individuals in identifying and achieving personal goals, improving their overall quality of life, and facilitating personal growth and development. A specific area within life coaching that has gained prominence is “Personal Goal Setting and Achievement.” This niche is crucial for individuals seeking clarity on their aspirations, requiring guidance to outline actionable steps, and aiming for personal fulfillment and success.


Personal Goal Setting and Achievement in Life Coaching

In the vast landscape of life coaching, Personal Goal Setting and Achievement stands out as a pivotal area, directly impacting one’s personal and professional life. It embodies the essence of life coaching by encouraging individuals to articulate their dreams, set realistic goals, and devise strategic plans to achieve them. This focus area not only fosters personal growth but also ensures that individuals lead more structured, purposeful, and satisfying lives.

The Essence of Goal Setting in Life Coaching
Personal Goal Setting and Achievement revolves around the principle that clear, well-defined goals are the foundation for personal and professional success. A life coach specializing in this area works closely with clients to:

-- Identify Core Values: Understanding what truly matters to the individual, serving as a compass for setting authentic goals.
-- Clarify Life Goals: Transforming vague aspirations into clear, achievable objectives.
-- Develop Action Plans: Outlining step-by-step strategies to achieve these goals, considering potential obstacles and how to overcome them.
--Accountability: Providing the motivation and support needed to stay on track towards achieving set goals.

Why It Matters?

Setting and achieving personal goals is a transformative process that enhances self-awareness, boosts confidence, and leads to a more fulfilling life. It is particularly beneficial for individuals feeling stuck, unsure about their life direction, or struggling to make significant changes on their own.

How It Works?

My Passion & Approach

Coaching is about looking after yourself….. taking time out to focus on you….. working on looking after your mental wellbeing for the benefit of you, your family, your business….making the most out of your time and energy.


Whom Is This Coaching For ?

It Can be "anyone" !


who is starting or running a business and needs a confidential guide to help focus on priorities.


wanting to achieve a goal that they have been struggling with on their own.


who is starting or running a business and needs a confidential guide to help focus on priorities.


wishing to work/perform more effectively and successfully.


who knows they want to more from life but not sure how to get it.


who is committed to change but needs someone to show them how!

Get Started Today. It’s all about you!

Coaching can be either face-to-face or over the telephone or ZOOM. Each session is bespoke to each client, depending on the issues being addressed – sessions usually range between 1/2hr to 1hr sessions. All information shared is confidential and any notes taken are kept in accordance with Data Protection.