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Signs of a healthy relationship by Rubina Ratnakar

Lifestyle Tue, 20 Oct 2020 13:11:51 +0000

Relationships are a part of our life. The most important thing about relationships is that you will not be ready to enter a relationship until it makes you happy and contributes to your happiness. Some relationships are toxic in nature. This simply means that is taking more from you than they are giving to you. It is the signs that can help you in determining the quality of your relationship. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some signs of a healthy relationship.

Every relationship is built when two people trust each other. Why would a person spend their life with someone they don’t trust? So, if you both fully trust each other, then you are in a healthy relationship.

It is quite obvious for you to disagree with each other on some issues. The thing is that you two need to accept this and take it as a normal thing. Give each other time and try to clear your point of view. Discussing and solving is the solution for disagreement instead of going on and on with issues.

If no one of you stopping each other’s growth in any way, then you are in the right relationship. Both of your dreams and goals should be equally important. None of you should be sacrificing your goals in order to adjust to the other one’s dreams.

Your partner should not be controlling you. You should be free to make any decision without any influence and pressure. You will be happy in the relationship only if you are free to be yourself.

You both should give each other their space. Everything doesn’t need to be concerned with both of you. You may have your own interests and your partner may have his or her own interest. Respect that and lead a relationship.

Your instincts will tell a lot about your relationship. If you feel happy, cheerful, loved, and supported all the time. You don’t get stressed over any issue but feel like solving it as soon as possible. These are the signs of a healthy relationship.

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