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Limit Your Screen Time By Rubina Ratnakar

Lifestyle Tue, 08 Jun 2021 05:40:05 +0000

We are living in a digital world and are surrounded by black screens all the time. These screens are indeed the future of the world and they are the sole reason we’ve been developing from nothing to everything. But excess screen time can cause various mental problems and can ultimately ruin your life. So, today Rubina Ratnakar is here with a new article on how to limit your screen time so that you can enjoy the wonders that are beyond that black mirror and appreciate this gigantic world.

  • Build up a schedule

The first thing that you must do to limit your screen time is to build a perfect schedule. Have control over yourself. Don’t binge that while season in a single sit, just try to watch one episode and let it sink in and take a break, then continue after a day or so. That is how you can limit your screen time and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

  • No phones before bed

Using a phone just before bed can cause various mental health issues that you cannot even imagine. This awful practice can limit your sleeping hours, it can disturb your relaxed sleep, it can affect your mental health, and various other things that you’ll regret in the future. So, it better to stop today so that you live happily tomorrow. Say no to phones before bed.

  • Be active (Not on social media)

Focus on your health with Rubina Ratnakar

The next thing that you can do to limit your screen time is to be active. If you’re active and regularly engrossed in various sports activity then ultimately you’ll spend less time on your device and more with nature.

So these are few methods with the help of which you can limit your screen time and pursue a healthy and encouraging lifestyle.  

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