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Building mental resilience by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Wed, 28 Apr 2021 09:09:50 +0000

There are many times when situations go out of our control. They may be at home or at work. Our ability to adapt us with the worsened situations is what is called mental resilience. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some ways that will help you in building mental resilience.

Our mental health is connected to our physical health. If you are not well physically and fall ill easily, you will not be able to show all your effort and capability in your work. You may be easily drawn towards stress, anxiety, and depression. Stay physically fit in order to build a healthy mindset.

Get a good amount of sleep if you want to build a healthy mindset. A disturbed sleep cycle leads to irritability and poor performance and behavior towards the tasks. Monitor your sleep cycle and fix the hours of sleep and try to make sure that you are not disturbed during this time.

Perceive your problem as short-termed. If you are facing an intense situation, it is likely to go under stress and start thinking negatively about your life, one should prepare his mind that the problems are going to get solved soon and things will get back to normal. Positivity is the only thing that will take you through difficult roads.

If things go out of control, it is alright to ask for some help. Resilience is not about how well an individual can deal with a difficult situation by himself, instead, it is about solving the problems in the right way. Even if you ask for help and make things alright, you are doing the right thing.

Building strong and healthy relationships are necessary as things may become troublesome and you may need someone to look after your back. Have some people around your who you can trust and will stand by you in difficult times.

Meditation, boosting confidence, and using some stress management techniques will help you in building mental resilience.

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