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Managing Work Stress by Rubina Ratnakar

Personality Mon, 13 Jan 2020 18:46:50 +0000

In everybody’s life nowadays, stress is a common word. People of all ages are facing stress. Rubina Ratnakar talks about some ways to manage stress from work in this blog.

But, the stress faced by individuals in their workplace is one to be looked upon. You may be facing different kinds of stress in your everyday life. It may be about family matters, stress about your health, or stress over your work. Since all the others are conditional or it is possible that they may or may not exist, work stress is unavoidable. You will work every day and will have to handle the stress that comes from it. To avoid the stress from affecting your health, we may take a number of steps. Stress management is something everyone needs to do.

Firstly, try to get sufficient sleep to stay relaxed and content. Irritability arises when one doesn’t get sufficient sleep and has to wake up in between. So, go to bed early and wake up on time. It reduces the chances of stress affecting your health.

Eat well. Another thing to take care of is your diet. If you take good nutrition and diet, you tend to stay healthy, and the risk of falling ill decreases. Eat foods that give energy and keeps you hydrated. Eating fast food may be great sometimes, but, try not to fall into a habit to eat every day.

Keep calm in situations that make you panic. In such situations, the stress level increases which triggers panicking and makes situations worse. Try to keep calm, listen to the problem, and then think of an appropriate solution rather than panicking.

Always keep a positive attitude towards problems. Every problem has a solution. Unnecessarily stressing will just create health problems. Check out some stress management techniques ‘here‘.

Rubina Ratnakar believes in helping out clients in every kind of situation. Our life coaching has many aspects and stress management is one of them. Check out ‘Attitude towards employees‘ by Rubina Ratnakar. For some great ideas on skincare, check out ‘Papaya extract and its exfoliation‘.

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