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Improving self-awareness by Rubina Ratnakar

Personality Sun, 13 Dec 2020 09:53:09 +0000

With the changing lifestyle, our lives and our behaviors are changing as well. We can see some vital changes in our personalities or some aspects of our behavior which we sometimes ourselves can not understand. It is necessary to know yourself and how to keep a check on your mental and physical health. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar helps you in improving self-awareness.

Out of all the possible ways to increase self-awareness, meditation is the best one. Focusing on one single point is the main idea behind meditation. Meditation will enhance your thinking power and thus will focus on yourself and make you see all the things you have been ignoring.

You might be familiar with all the things that pose a problem for you. If you don’t know, pay attention to your reactions and especially to the ones that are not suitable. See what makes you angry and in which situations you feel exhausted and anxious. Once you know your trigger points, you will be able to deal with things in a better way and know when to stop.

Friends are always there for your rescue. Talking to them will always help you. Talk to some really close ones and tell them to give an honest opinion about you and in which areas you need to improve yourself. Listen to them carefully and do not get offended if they honestly tell you about your shortcomings.

You can even ask for some feedback from your work on the way you are performing in your work goals and also the way you are behaving with the other people at the workplace. Take everything positively and look forward to improving yourself.

Figure out everything about you and write it down. Write down your goals, your future plans, and your priorities in life. Keep a diary or a journal for this and you will see yourself becoming more aware of yourself.

Self-awareness will help you improve yourself, your achievements, and your relationships with others as well.

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