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Becoming a good speaker by Rubina Ratnakar

Personality Tue, 02 Feb 2021 18:45:05 +0000

Communication of our thoughts and ideas to our fellow beings is a vital part of our life. Speaking out our opinions and listening to someone are two elements of communication. There are many qualities you need to develop in order to become a good speaker. Rubina Ratnakar highlights some ways that will help you in becoming a good speaker.

When you start speaking in public you may feel nervous and extra conscious about yourself. It is a common thing and almost everyone experiences this. In order to eliminate the nervousness, you should practice speaking again and again. Prepare yourself for the occasion you are going to speak on.

A good speaker always looks after his audience and the response of the audience to his speech. Try to know more and more about the audience and prepare the content accordingly.

Humor is a great way of easing your stress and making a connection with the audience. Tell them some stories and anecdotes they can relate to. Make what you say as interesting and engaging as possible.

Pay attention to your body language while you speak. Maintain eye contact with your audience and avoid getting nervous expressions to the audience. Use your hands and eyes in a coordinated way to explain your topic.

Whenever you give a speech or speak on any occasion, plan it in an organized way. You should start with an interesting beginning so that you indulge your audience and end the topic with a satisfactory and effective ending.

If you are preparing for a seminar you should use some audio-visual effects to explain in a better way.

Don’t overdo anything and organize things in the right way. Always keep in mind that confidence can help you in doing wonders. Stay confident about yourself and give your best performance.

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