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Building a network by Rubina Ratnakar

Business Sat, 31 Jul 2021 14:32:17 +0000

We all know that networking and making connections is an important task if you want to rise in your career. You cannot work remotely and achieve a milestone in your life. You will need someone to help and may even have to get into business deals that are completely dependent on your social networks. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar gives you some tips for building a network.

A network is formed when some people share the same interests and goals. You need to connect with the right people to form a network. Focus on the people that will help you in your career at some time. Good and useful connections are what is needed rather than a lot of connections.

Make a two-way connection. A person will connect to you only if he is benefitting from it as well. If you are making a benefit, make sure you make the other person benefit in some way as well. This kind of connection will last longer and will become a healthy one.

Use social networking sites like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook for making connections. Meeting new people of the same interest can be a great accomplishment in your career. People from different areas can meet online and make considerable progress.

Start your own network. You can look for people who have a similar interest and want the same things in the career as you do. You should develop basic communication and social networking skills if you want to build a good and strong network.

Once you have formed a group of people like you, you should try to stay in touch with them. No one likes to get texts once a year from a person. Even we have lost many friends because of this. So, it is better to stay connected in some way or the other if you build a network.

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