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Solving complex problems by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Sat, 07 Aug 2021 08:36:16 +0000

There are many problems in the world that are being tremendously emphasized upon and people want to solve them eagerly. Not everyone is involved in science and mathematics, but at some point in our life, we do face some complex problems. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some great tips that will help you in solving complex problems.

First of all, you should clear out your mind from any distractions. If you are trying to focus on two or three tasks simultaneously, it is common that you will not be able to find the optimum solution.

Breaking down into smaller problems will help in making the problem easier. If it is a difficult decision, you should begin by making smaller decisions.

Understanding and problem-solving skills will help you in solving complex problems. If you don’t understand something, accept it and go back to the basics. It is never too late to learn something. Start studying the subject matter from the starting.

Asking for help is no big deal. A person cannot be perfect at everything. Every person has one weakness or the other. If you don’t know something that is obstructing you from solving the problem, take the help of a master. He will be used to the type of problems and will help you in getting out of the situation easily. The goal is to learn every day, not to become a stable person.

It is true that knowledge increases when we share it with someone. If you want to learn something better, start teaching someone. You will put in more effort in understanding the concept when you have to explain it to someone else. Teaching is like storytelling, which will help you in memorizing in a better way.

Make an atmosphere where you can focus and you can solve problems. Make a team that will help you in solving the problem and most importantly, read the problem or go through the problem again and again.

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