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Becoming socially responsible by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Sun, 27 Dec 2020 16:26:00 +0000

When we live in a country with our fellow citizens, we enjoy a number of rights and benefits. Along with all the rights, we have many duties too. Being a socially responsible citizen is a very important role we have to play. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar emphasizes on way to becoming a socially responsible person.

Starting with some common ways of showing empathy to your surroundings, donating money to the people who are in need, and volunteering for a service you can provide for free are some of them. When you do anything for your job, you get your remuneration for it. But when you do something for needy people, you would feel happy and content. The money won’t last but the happiness and contentment will.

All of us are busy with our everyday life chores, and barely get any time to be on our own. We already plan parties or getaways with our family in our free time. Why not plan to do something for charity with your family, once a month? Working at a food shelter, donating blood to the patients in need, and visiting an old age home to talk to the people living alone are some ways by which you can be a more socially responsible person.

Keeping our environment and surroundings clean is one of our major responsibilities. All the issues like shortage of water, depletion of fossil fuels, global warming, legal evils, deforestation, and many more problems are some big problems being faced by the whole world. We can not completely eliminate the issues but we can contribute our bit. Many drops collectively make an ocean. Small actions like keeping the surroundings clean, turning off running water, switching off electrical appliances when not in use, and helping people living near you in need can make a huge difference.

We need to become a good human being as well. Values like honesty, integrity, empathy, kindness, politeness, respect, and fairness are some of the things all of us need to incorporate in our behavior. A person should treat everyone else the way he wants to be treated.

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