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A self-care weekend by Rubina Ratnakar

Recreational Sun, 08 Nov 2020 08:02:07 +0000

Our lives are getting busier day by day and we exhaust ourselves completely in our daily chores. Due to all the stress coming our way the whole week, we look forward to our weekend to refresh ourselves. In this blog, you’ll find a great way suggested by Rubina Ratnakar to spend a self-care weekend.

Most of us work 5 days a week and keep all our other plans for our Saturdays and Sundays. Going to your favorite place on the weekend with your family and friends or sometimes alone, can be a great way of releasing all the stress. If possible, search for a new place in your locality and visit that place.
Since all of us are busy with our work the whole week, we barely get any time to catch up with our friends and family. So on the weekend, call your loved ones and enjoy their company. If you live away from your parents you can plan for travelling to their place and be at home for some time.

Sometimes all we want to do is to stay at home and spend some time by ourselves. So to spend a lovely day at home you should definitely get away from your phone. Just silence all the notifications and enjoy your self-care day. You can begin by cooking your favorite breakfast. Eat all that you love to eat on the weekend.

A spa at home is another way to soothe yourself and have a lovely experience. Getting a massage at a salon you love or using those services at home is another way of relaxing.

Most of us think that it is bad to sleep for a long time and may even be considered a bad habit. At the weekend you can sleep for a longer time. Wake up late or take a nap in the afternoon. It is not bad to sleep for a longer time once a while.
Some other things you can do on a weekend are reading a book, decorating your home, and spending time with your loved ones on a picnic.
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