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Self-induced obstacles by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Mon, 03 May 2021 09:11:47 +0000

When we set a goal and start moving towards our destiny, there are many obstacles in our path. Some of these obstacles are self-induced and need to be looked upon. Sometimes it’s our habits or ways that are pulling us back from reaching our goals. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some self-induced obstacles and ways to overcome them.

One of the things that can pull you back from achieving success is a faulty business plan. If there are some shortcomings in your business model, it will be difficult to proceed further, and even if you have proceeded you may see your plan falling out in the future. This mainly happens when you are more oriented towards gain and progress and don’t do enough homework and preparation.

Another self-induced obstacle can be the habit of giving up easily. There may be many problems in your path and you will feel like leaving what you started. Well, you need to change this behavior if you really want to succeed in life. Make up your mind that you will complete what you have started.

The next thing that will stop you from achieving your goal is that you start undermining your potential. When you limit your potential, you close the doors of unlimited opportunities that can come your way. Never underestimate your abilities; you can achieve anything with the right amount of determination and effort.

Another self-induced obstacle is your negative thinking and lack of optimism. Positive things happen with people who have a positive outlook and give out good vibes all the time.

Lack of focus and concentration can lead to deterioration of the quality of your performance. Mindfulness is important in each and every task you do. So, it is better to take a break and start when you can put in all your efforts and determination.

Stubbornness and lack of flexibility in your business plan is another self-induced obstacle you need to get rid of.

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