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Learning housekeeping skills by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Sat, 21 Aug 2021 17:59:38 +0000

There are some basic housekeeping skills that every individual should have to lead a smooth and easy life. At some point in our life, we may have to live alone and the responsibility of doing all the chores may fall on our shoulders. We should be always ready for what life brings to us. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some basic housekeeping skills every individual should learn.

A housekeeper is a person that is present at home or a hotel for our help only. He or she assists us in all the tasks that we may not be able to perform. If we learn the basic duties of a housekeeper, it will make our lives easier.

The first skill you should learn is organization. This basically means performing all the tasks in an organized manner and in a proper way. For example, setting your bed in the morning, placing the things you have used back in their original place, and setting your clothes in your wardrobe.

Laundry is another housekeeping skill that is an essential part of housekeeping. It involves washing and ironing the clothes as well. One needs to be aware of the fabric of the clothes and the precautions to be taken with that fabric. A housekeeper will wash your clothes in the best way possible and try to give the clothes to you as good as new.

Hardworking is another important skill you need to have to have all the housekeeping skills. Not only housekeeping, but if you work hard in all the work that is assigned to you, you will definitely excel in it. Give you 100 percent to whatever small or big task is assigned to you.

Effective communication and active listening are the two skills that are required by every individual to get along with the tasks he has to do and the ones that fall under their responsibility.

Some other skills you should learn are self-control, trustworthiness, innovation, reliability, and cleaning.

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