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Learning a new language by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Mon, 22 Feb 2021 04:27:31 +0000

There is no age for learning something. You can start learning anything at any time you feel like regardless of your age. Learning a new language can be a great skill in your life. When you have been speaking and writing in a different language since a small age it gets difficult to learn a new language. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Rubina Ratnakar suggests some great tips that will help you in learning a new language.

If you want to learn something in a fixed time interval, you should set goals and targets for you to achieve. Set goals that are achievable and short-termed. Challenge yourself so you can work with a lot of determination to achieve your goal.

When you are learning a new language keep in mind that you cannot learn all the words of that language. You need to learn the right words and the words that are going to be of your use. Remember that you don’t know all the possible words in your own language as well.

This is the tip you would have heard frequently while learning a new language. If you want to become an expert at a new language, you should use the language all the time to get along with it. Listen to songs or podcasts in the language you want to learn to avoid the boringness of learning a language.

Using visual means for learning is a trend that has been adopted by schools and colleges to enable easy learning of the concepts they want to teach to their students. You can take help of videos on Youtube, or online classes, or some podcasts that may help you in learning that language.

Learning all by yourself can be quite exhausting and may bring ambiguity about whether the method of learning is right or not. Talk to a professional who can help you in learning the language in the right way.

Just like in the schools, you need to test your skills as well. Exams evaluate what a student has studied in the whole year and a language test will evaluate how well you have learned the language so far. So, test yourself to check your progress.

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