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Increasing productivity by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Fri, 23 Apr 2021 09:08:08 +0000

In our daily life, we try our best to make the most of our time and do as much work as possible. Our capabilities tell us about the amount of work we can do. Productivity is another measure used to analyze how much work a person can do in his day and do the optimum utilization of his knowledge and work capabilities. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar advises you on increasing productivity in your daily life.

There are some habits you will need to develop if you want to increase your productivity and efficiency.

The first thing you should be doing is to categorize the tasks according to the priority and urgency of the tasks. Keep your focus on the tasks that are needed at the moment. Once you know which task is urgent and which task is important you can easily divide and analyze your workflow.

Another great habit of people who are highly productive is that they dive deep into the work. They will put in all their efforts and dedication in the work and aim at getting the best outcomes.

Stay away from every distraction that will pull you back from giving your best. Making a list of distractions and keeping a check whether they are consuming more than the necessary time of your day can prove to be beneficial for your workflow.

If you have a big project in front of you, break it into small tasks. Start with small tasks and do them with full determination and effort, you will realize that you are getting closer to your main goal and the project is being completed.

Productivity doesn’t mean that you have to keep on working for 12 hours and get things done. It means that even if you work for 5 hours, you give your best. So, it is suggested that you should take a break when you don’t feel like working and bounce back with the earlier zest to work once you feel like working again.

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