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Importance of learning by Rubina Ratnakar

Lifestyle Sat, 11 Sep 2021 06:31:22 +0000

Learning is a process that is quite natural and we may be doing it even when we are not intending to. Right from childhood, a child starting catching things that are going on around him or her. He or she starts to learn about things like sitting, crawling, standing, walking, and ultimately uttering some words as well. As the individual grows he starts learning more and more things according to his or her age. There is no stop to the process of learning. As we grow older, we enter new phases of life, there is always something to learn. If we stop learning, our life would stop and become boring. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists the importance of learning in our lives.

First of all, it is the reason why we are able to exist as an organism. If a person doesn’t learn that sharp objects like knives are not something to play with, he or she may get heart almost daily. If a person doesn’t learn that if we do not walk with care on the road, we may get injured or even killed, there will be so many accidents happening every day. So, it is important to learn by exposing one’s mind to the consequences of a certain stimulus.

There is no point in someone’s life when they have learned enough. It is important to keep on learning new things in order to remain up to date. Accepting the change around you is important as it will set the pathway for you to adapt to the change.

Learning new things will help you in making yourself a strong and better person. A person is known for his knowledge more than he is known for his wealth or looks. Keep on gaining knowledge throughout your life.

When you keep on learning something, it boosts your morale and transforms you into a confident individual. A person who is learning in the right way will be open to discussions and negotiations as he knows the facts and is constantly exploring knowledge.

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