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Effective negotiation by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Thu, 19 Aug 2021 17:35:19 +0000

Negotiation between two different parties is necessary to arrive at a breakdown point that both of them will like. A person needs to have some interpersonal communication skills if he or she wants to negotiate over something. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some ways and tips that will help you in effective negotiation.

Understanding the problem thoroughly is the most important thing to be done in order to negotiate with someone. You will not get to the point if you don’t know what to speak. A clear understanding of the matter will help you in staying confident and putting your points in front of the other party.

Effective listening is a skill you need to have to negotiate well. It is important to listen to the other person and arrive at a decision that will benefit both of you. This won’t happen if you don’t listen and catch their point.

Sometimes when you are negotiating it is not for you. Instead, it is for your whole team. In that case, you should work as a team and get the perspective of your team members as well.

The conclusion you arrive at after the negotiation should be beneficial to both parties. A person will only agree with your terms and conditions if he sees that he is also benefitting from it.

Ethics and moral values are very important qualities that every leader or decision-maker should have. Honesty and integrity should be shown in your work if you want to succeed. A person will listen to you if he knows you always do the right things and are not interested in any ill work.

You should have clear communicating skills if you want to make people understand what is in your mind and also agree with your terms and conditions. Effective communication comes with a proper understanding of the subject matter.

While making decisions you should keep a check on your emotions. Being emotional at the time of making important decisions can lead to unfavorable outcomes that will become a liability for you afterward.

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