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Staying Active All Day by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Sat, 14 Dec 2019 16:24:52 +0000

Rubina Ratnakar focuses on all aspects of life coaching and making lives better. The one we talk about on this blog is, staying active all day. With increasing development, the workload is also increasing and we get exhausted easily. Losing all the energy at work deteriorates our performance and the output as well. We can take many steps in order to stay active and keep our performance up every day.

First of all, take a sufficient amount of sleep at night. Do not oversleep or sleep less than required as you will feel tired and dizzy at work. So try to sleep on time and wake up on time as well. This will ensure that you don’t feel sleepy at work.

Try to stay hydrated all the time. Drink a lot of fluids like juices, shakes, etc. It is believed you tend to work more if you stay hydrated. Drink about 5-6 glasses of water a day.

Do not stay seated at your chair all the time. Get up and walk around after short intervals of time. This will decrease the chances of health problems like cervical, backache, etc. Staying fixed in one place can cause many problems due to the lack of physical activity.

Create a happy and joyful environment around you. This will enlighten your mood and reduce work stress. While reaching your office, if possible take the stairs, instead of the lift. Any physical activity will keep you active and reduce laziness.

Another thing influencing your energy is your diet. You should eat well. Eat foods that will give energy to you. You can check out which foods give the most energy.

Go out for a walk to refresh yourself during the lunch break. Always try to recharge yourself and keep positive energy.

At Rubina Ratnakar, we always try to cheer up and energize our clients. Rubina Ratnakar writes about ‘Language skills‘ in her next blog. For some great tips on skincare, check out ‘Getting rid of tan naturally‘.

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