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Planning A Holiday by Rubina Ratnakar

Recreational Mon, 03 Feb 2020 15:37:50 +0000

Rubina Ratnakar brings you another interesting blog on having a perfect day off from work. In our busy lives, sometimes we don’t get a day off even on weekends. Some of us work night shifts. So when we get a day off we should relax and have a great time. Your holiday should relax you and it should rejuvenate you for the upcoming week.

We generally plan to sleep till late and stay at home in laziness. Rubina Ratnakar believes that this would relax you but not recharge you at all. We should rather do some recreational activities that will recharge us.

While planning a holiday, firstly consider how long your holiday is. Generally, weekends are off, specifically, Sundays. You can start your day with a recreational activity like Yoga or swimming after getting a sufficient amount of sleep. You can either plan to do some activities like playing your favorite sport, going to a beach, adventure spot, ab amusement park or you can plan to go see a movie, a musical play, or drama. Do something you love to do and are able to do on the weekdays.

A family or friends reunion is another great idea to spend your weekend. Talking and laughing your stress out with your loved ones will relax you.

If the period of your holiday is short, try not to do activities that will lead to fatigue. Since you do not want to work exhausted, try to do light activities that will not drain you out.

We can go fishing or swimming to recharge ourselves and do something different. Check out some great ideas to spend your weekend ‘here‘.

A day off from work will energize and rejuvenate you. Rubina Ratnakar works on bringing out the best in you and give more power and peace to you in making various life decisions.

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