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Language Skills by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Mon, 23 Dec 2019 13:39:45 +0000

Rubina Ratnakar takes up another interesting topic, which needs to be looked upon, i.e., language skills. Everyone needs to improve their language skills. There are four skills namely, Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening. All these four skills need to be perfect to enhance our language. Improving these skills will enrich the quality of language. We will focus on the English language in this blog.

Starting with speaking, it is the most important skill which requires special emphasis. When you have a conversation with someone, many aspects are displayed in the way you speak. Your pronunciation, accent, grammar, knowledge of tenses, and vocabulary are some of these aspects. To enhance your speaking watch English movies and shows. Read newspapers and magazines. Try to converse in English even at home. When you keep trying to speak in English and learning from your mistakes, your speaking skills gradually enhance.

Listening skills are other important factors that will determine the level of your proficiency in English. If you do not hear it right then automatically you will give a wrong response. Hearing what someone is saying correctly and interpreting the thing they said is what comes in listening. To enhance your listening skills, you can watch English movies with subtitles.

Reading as a language skill is enhanced when we read different books, newspapers, magazines, articles, etc. Your reading and further understanding will improve as much as you read. Read good novels and biographies as they will enhance your vocabulary too.

Writing skills are the most complex set of skills to master as they involve usage of grammatic elements, active or passive voice, tenses in the correct manner. All this takes a lot of practice. English proficiency is determined by the way you read, write, speak and listen. Check out some easy ways to enhance your writing skills.

Rubina Ratnakar believes that your proficiency in a particular language will be a factor influencing your personality. Check out another amazing blog on ‘How to stay focused‘ and for some ideas on skincare ‘Your skin and moisturizers‘ by Rubina Ratnakar.

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