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Hygienic habits for kids by Rubina Ratnakar

Life Skills Mon, 19 Jul 2021 12:46:12 +0000

A kid starts learning at his home first. His parents are his first teachers. Along with good habits and moral values, we have to take care of their hygiene as well. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar lists some hygienic habits for kids to learn.

Let’s start with a basic one. Teach your kids to wash their hands whenever they are going to eat and every time they come from outside. Tell them about germs and diseases they can catch if they don’t wash their hands regularly.

The next thing you should be teaching them is to brush their teeth every day. Tell them the importance of having healthy teeth. Teach them to brush twice a day.

Bathing every day is another hygienic habit they need to develop right from childhood. When your child is young he may refrain from bathing, but you need to teach them to bathe every day and make them enjoy it somehow.

Tell them how important it is to wear clean clothes every day. This will come automatically when they bathe every day. Don’t let them wear dirty clothes repeatedly.

You may think that your kids are too small to keep the toilet clean. As they grow up you need to teach them how to flush the toilet whenever they go. Good habits need to start right from the beginning.

Another hygienic habit you need to teach your kid is to cut their nails frequently.

Make sure they understand that this is not a good thing. Once they understand it they themselves will tell you to cut their nails. Along with cutting nails, teach your kids to never bite their nails.

Once they grow bigger, teach them to keep their rooms clean and put things in their place after use.

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