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How To Stay Focused by Rubina Ratnakar

Personality Fri, 03 Jan 2020 04:49:35 +0000

Rubina Ratnakar talks about how to stay focused and avoid all the distractions in this blog. Many people face this problem and are not able to achieve their goals. To stay focused and reduce such problems we can take a number of steps.

Ambiguity and confusion can keep you away from focusing on your goals. Try to stay clear and content in your life and do not waste your time pondering over things that are not important.

Do not try to do many tasks at the same time. Multitasking will divide your attention and thinking between various tasks and no task will be fulfilled with complete care. It is often said ‘Don’t step in two boats at the same time’, which is true as you will not be able to get a single point.

Take up tasks one after the other. Pick up one task, focus on it and then move to the next one. Plan which tasks you want to do first and which ones in the subsequent order.

Do not work on something important when under stress or mentally upset. Relax your mind first, so that you can do the task with full effort. Stress can influence your work and reaction towards a particular situation. You can check out some stress management ideas ‘here‘. Always have a target/goal set in your mind and do not change it. Take your decisions carefully so that you do not feel uncertain about them afterward. The more sure you are about your decision, the more you stay focused. Whenever you feel distracted, remind yourself about your goals and how much you want to achieve them. Stay away from all the distractions when you are working.

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