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Hard Work or Smart Work by Rubina Ratnakar

Business Tue, 03 Mar 2020 18:58:37 +0000

Hard work or smart work, what would you choose? Most of us would say hard work and many of us will say smart work. In this blog, Rubina Ratnakar talks about the difference between working hard and working smart.

Hard-working is putting in all our energy in performing a particular task, whereas, smart work is doing the same amount of work in less time and lesser effort. Smart work is doing the work more easily and efficiently.

A great example of hard work and smart work is carrying heavy loads from one place to another. Carrying all the load by our hands and then transporting it to someplace is work, whereas, carrying the weight on a cart or by some kind of machine, reducing human effort is what we call smart work. Check out other examples of smart work and hard work.

Working hard is working with a lot of determination and consistency. You can only work a long time if your focus is on the goal you have to achieve. So, a determination is an essential factor. Hard work is the work or way we have been following for a long time. It involves doing the same thing or task in the same way repeatedly. One of the shortcomings of hard work it does not bring updates and it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort also.

On the other hand, smart work is what we need to do these days. But smart work is related to hard work. Smart work is like an extension to the hard work. You cannot do smart work if you do not know everything about the work in detail. That much deep knowledge comes from working hard only. Smart work comes from the technique or strategies we come up with, to do our work faster. Smart work will hence increase productivity. One of the main factors behind smart work is the update in technology.

Smart work and hard work should be done together. Do smart work when you already know about the task and have developed ways and techniques to do that task. If you do not have any knowledge about the task and are new to it, put in all the efforts to the task. So, hard work and smart work always go hand in hand for an organization or individual moving towards success.

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